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Who We Are

Established in 1966, Dittberner is an international market research and consulting firm, specializing in the telecommunications industry. The firm is headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading technology development and decision centers for the new multimedia global communications industry.
Dittberner assists all players in the telecom industry to evaluate and realize opportunities generated by the development of telecommunications in industrialized and developing countries. Our clients include network operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, software suppliers, and regulators - as well as government agencies and financial institutions worldwide. Most of our clients are not U.S. companies.

The DAI Difference

We combine our industry knowledge with technology expertise to provide our clients with solutions that bring real business value to our clients from business strategy to implementation. Staying ahead of our client's needs and in front of the market we offer our clients innovative but realistic solutions that deliver a rapid return on investment. All our clients view us as their partner because we deliver what we promise and are committed to their success. Our objectivity insures that our approach and recommendations are based on accurate market data.

Here is why the world's leading Telecommunication service providersequipment vendors and government agencies have made Dittberner an indispensable part of their decision making process:

Over 35 years of Experience - The experience of our senior staff insures you will obtain mature, informed guidance in your decision-making processes. Dittberner analysts provide an impartial and invaluable perspective

Independence - Dittberner Associates is a totally independent telecommunications consulting firm, owned by its employees, and accepting no long-term retainers or sales commissions from any supplier of telecommunications equipment or services. This allows us to consistently deliver objective, unbiased assessments and recommendations, an essential aspect of the quality of our services.

Extensive Carriers and Vendors Contacts - As a result of 35 years of experience in the Telecommunications field, the conduct of several dozens of major proprietary studies of advanced technologies annually, and our extensive use of personal interviews with top Telecom end-user executives and executives of Telecom equipment manufacturers, Dittberner Associates has established an international network of contacts.

Extensive in-house Technical and Marketing Library - Our comprehensive library includes product and company literature, hundreds of the most prestigious telecom publications and research laboratory reports, and journals of the world's leading manufacturers and research laboratories. These sources provide us with in-depth background upon which to support our recommendations.

Extensive Proprietary Database - Our installed base databases of telecom equipment have been developed from extensive surveys conducted from our multi-client studies and hundreds of telecom user interviews each year. We also maintain product, business and financial information for all significant telecommunications companies.
Multi-Lingual Staff - Dittberner Associates' staff is STRONGLY multi-lingual - making interviews in other countries easy to undertake. Our staff has command of 9 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Romanian and Russian.

Worldwide Coverage - The scope of our past research and technical studies span North America, Europe, Latin America, and most of the Asia-Pacific region. This will allow you to learn from the experience of other players around the world. Our staff makes personal visits to 30-50 carriers annually. Our key personnel attend all major telecom conferences.