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What we do

Historically, Dittberner has focused its research and consulting activities on the evolution of public telecommunications networks and services. Dittberner was instrumental in predicting and helping plan the development of digital (computer) technology in telecommunications. Our firm has unparalleled and widely recognized experience in analyzing, understanding and reporting all aspects of public network services, and their regulatory status worldwide. Dittberner has conducted hundreds of multi-client and proprietary studies covering the following: 

  • Long range technology and cost forecasting
  • Analysis of market requirements and market development
  • User requirement analysis
  • Product and service planning
  • Business strategy development
  • Service revenue forecasting
  • Public and private digital network planning and design
  • Systems design reviews
  • Product acceptance studies
  • Policy and strategic issues related to deregulation and privatization of state owned telecommunications monopolies
  • Tariff and regulatory policy guidance
Areas of expertise
With over 42 years of experience in the telecommunications market, Dittberner Associates forecasts worldwide markets and market trends, and provides analysis of business strategies, technologies, and vendors using a mix of rigorous primary research from personal interviews, and economic and technical analysis.
We consult in many areas of the telecom industry. We provide technology assessment and forecasting, cost forecasting, and market requirements analysis. We also forecast the size of telecom equipment, software, and services markets. Finally, we help out clients in network planning, corporate and business strategy planning, marketing plans, and tariff and regulatory policy. Our expertise covers a wide range of technical areas, including the following:

  • Operations Support and Business Support Systems
  • Optical Networking
  • Switching and Routing
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Broadband Access Technologies
  • Voice-over-Packet Technologies
  • Transmission Technologies
  • Business Case Development for New Application
The DAI Strength
Dittberner key strength lies in our consultants' ability to rapidly understand and exploit the business opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies in public networks. Our strategic strengths are the competitive advantages upon which our reputation is based. They are built from our values and the expectations we set for ourselves. The following are the strategic strengths and main reasons we gain new clients and retain our existing clients year after year:

  • Gained credibility and respect in the market segments we serve
  • Employ most experienced consultants in the industry
  • Serve a large and rapidly growing client list of world-class organizations
  • Recognized by clients for providing innovative and realistic solutions
  • International expertise - North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America