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Donald L. Dittberner - Founder of Dittberner Associates Inc.
Mr. Dittberner began his career at IBM in technical marketing of large-scale computer systems. Mr. Dittberner was the Director of Market Planning for the IBM Federal Systems Development and later joined the Diebold Group, an EDP consulting group, as head of the Washington Office and of the Diebold research program. Mr. Dittberner was Chief Executive Officer of Dittberner Associates Inc. from 1966-2003.
Lilian Tau - CEO & Ex. Vice President, Board Member

Mr. Tau joined the company as Consulting Director in May 1997, being promoted to Executive Vice President in 2001 and CEO in 2003. Mr. Tau plays an integral part in restructuring Dittberner in order to create a global presence, increase customer focus, and position Dittberner as the market research and consulting authority in telecommunications markets.

Mr. Tau is the lead author and major contributor to Dittberner's research and consulting and is an active participant in the major Telecommunications conferences.

John Seazholtz - Retired CTO, Bell Atlantic Corporation, Chairman of Westell
John W. Seazholtz has served as Director of Dittberner since December 1994. Mr. Seazholtz was President and Chief Executive Officer of Telesoft America, Inc. from May 1998 to May 2000 In April 1998, Mr. Seazholtz retired as Chief Technology Officer - Bell Atlantic where he served since June 1995. Mr. Seazholtz previously served as Vice President Technology and Information Services - Bell Atlantic and in other executive capacities with Bell Atlantic beginning in 1962. Mr. Seazholtz currently serves as a Director for; Odetics, Inc., a supplier of digital data management products for the security, broadcast and computer storage markets, and for ASC-Advanced Switching Communications, an ATM network equipment developer and for Mariner, Inc a ATM LAN CPE developer.

Dr. Alan Pearce - President, Information Age Economics, Inc. Formerly Chief Economist: FCC
Information Age Economics, established in 1978, was one of the first research firms focusing on the convergence of the telecommunications-information-entertainment (TIE) industry. The company, founded by Dr. Alan Pearce, led pioneering public policy and economic research affecting the business prospects of companies in the telephone, wireless, satellite, radio and TV broadcasting, cable TV, movie and program production, and Internet and information-based segments of the TIE industry.

Alain Thiney
has been involved in the telecommunications sector for more than 18 years, and in international business for more than 25 years. He has been associated with Dittberner Associates since 1994.

He has been a leading participant in a wide variety of successful business development and new ventures in the United States, Asia and Europe. With Corning, Inc., he held positions ranging from European Marketing Manager to Director of Technology and Business Development for Corning’s worldwide Electronics and Telecommunications business.