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THE Dittberner PERSPECTIVE examines advanced technologies in the field of public telecommunications, and their significance and impact on telecom operators worldwide. This program series is a continuing multi-client series that has been in progress since 1977. It was created to provide guidance to both Telecom Service Providers and Telecom Equipment Suppliers on the profitable development and implementation of new technological advances as related to public telecommunications infrastructure and services. It was called "Project ESS" until 2002.

These technologies may be applied to the development of profitable new services, or toward the reduction of operating costs and increasing of efficiencies. Since its inception, Telecom executives have come to depend upon "The Dittberner Perspective" reports to help resolve current issues.

Each report in the series addresses a new issue in advanced technology utilization or updates information on a previous major topic. "The Dittberner Perspective" is currently used by over 50 major Telecom organizations worldwide, including virtually all-major world-class manufacturers of Telecom equipment, and many Telecom service providers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

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typical contents of each study
  • Technology Assessment and Forecast
  • Presentation of New Technology Products Currently Offered Now on World Markets
  • Eight-Year Cost-Based Price Forecasts for New Systems
  • Analysis of Pioneering User Experience with the New Technology Products
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Potential Applications of the New Technology Products/Systems
  • Installed base and on-order position by operator and country for each supplier's product in this arena
  • Forecast of Impacts - Revenue increase or cost-reductions - of New Technology Implementation
  • Market forecast for the next eight years
  • Action Recommendations for Telecom service providers in highly developed, moderately advanced, and lesser-developed countries.

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